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Buy Industrial Shed & factory land for your business in Sanand GIDC.


Sell Industrial Shed & factory land for your business in Sanand GIDC.


Help you to give/take Industrial Shed & factory land on Rent in Sanand GIDC.

About Us

About Us

WELCOME TO MANAGALMURTI CORPORTATION​ MANGALMURTI CORPORATION has located office in SANAND G.I.D.C. We have 5 years of profession experience in Industrial Services.

We will help you to get your project finance. We are working with capital & term loans from financial institutions.

We are assisting Industries in availing subsidies under the scheme of Central & State Government.

Electricity and Water is basic requirement of the industry, you can get approval using our service.

We are supplying all industrial steel materials on good rate. try us and compare rate with other.

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